Our Janitorial and Office Cleaning Services

A clean office shows your professionalism to both your clients and your staff. Our employees serve you the best they possible can. If you have a question just call us and ask. We know your office’s cleaning needs are unique and we offer a free consultation. Some of our services include:
•Regular Window Cleaning
•Dusting and Wiping Down Counters and Desks
•Emptying Garbage
•Restroom Sanitation
•Purchasing and Stocking Restroom Paper Supplies
•Floor Stripping
•Sealing and Waxing Floors
•Resilient Floor Buffing
•Carpet Cleaning


Our Carpet Cleaning Service

We will clean your carpets for 28 cents a square foot for the first 1,000 sq. ft. The price then goes to 14 cents a sq. ft. We use truck-technology, a power wand and a rotary device called a Rotovac (see a demonstration under “Services.”) This produces extremely clean carpets that will dry fast.

We use a five-step process when cleaning your carpets:
1. Vacuum thoroughly.
2. Pre-spray the bad spots.
3. Steam clean with a gentle cleanser.
4. Rinse your carpets with hot water.
5. Rake your carpet with a special carpet tool.