Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1.  How long does it take for carpet to dry?

In the summer it usually takes a couple of hours.  In the winter it will likely take longer depending on the temperature in your home.  Usually it will dry overnight.  If you need it dried faster we can use our drying fans.  Heat and air movement will dry a carpet very quickly.

  1.  How often should carpets be cleaned?

That depends on lifestyle.  Some people like to have their carpets cleaned quarterly while others like it cleaned once a year.  If you are like us, who live in the country and own several pets, then I suggest a twice-a-year cleaning.  If you keep your carpet relatively clean, then I recommend that once-a -year is enough.  Cleaning a carpet regularly prolongs the longevity of your carpet.

  1.  What are carpet protectants?

Carpet protectant is a spray to keep dirt from going into the carpet thus keeping the carpet cleaner longer.  Also it provides a barrier so spilled items will clean up easier.  Carpet protectants, however, do not last forever.  Once applied, the protectant will wear out over a year from traffic wear and vacuuming.  Regardless, it is a wonderful item that I suggest for most households, as it will protect your investment longer.  At the customer’s request, we are happy to provide this service for a nominal fee.

  1.  How much does carpet cleaning cost?

For carpet cleaning, we have a minimum of $110.  Our regular rate is .28 cents per square foot for the first 1,000 sq. ft. of carpet.  Between 1,001 and 2,000 feet our rates drops to .14 cents per sq. ft.

  1.  Are your products safe for my children and pets?

Yes.  We use “green” products.  There are times when we may use some safe chemicals in order to do a better job (i.e. get out pet or food stains).  We always follow up with a rinse.  Your safety is a primary concern of ours.

  1.  How many of your clients are repeat clients?

Approximately 90% of our clients are repeat customers.  We aim to keep people happy doing quality work at a fair price.

  1.  Do I have to be present to have my carpets cleaned?

We hope to be able to meet you, but if that isn’t practical, a phone conversation is adequate with instructions from you as to how to get into your house and what you want us to clean.  When we are finished we are happy to leave your home locked.

  1.  Can you clean my vacation home even though I live out of the area?

Yes, we are very happy to do this and clean regularly for people who own homes at Central Oregon resorts but live elsewhere.

  1.  As far as your janitorial service, what do you offer?

We provide commercial cleaning for businesses.  This includes cleaning the windows, rest rooms, dusting, mopping, emptying trash, vacuuming and carpet cleaning.  We can clean up to five times a week or as infrequently as once a month.  Call us at 541092300910 for more information.

  1.  What are your janitorial rates?

Our rates are based on your requests for what we do for you.  We offer competitive rates.  We are interested in a win/win arrangement with our clients.  When you call, we will come, do a walk through your business and give you a price.

  1.  Are you and your employees insured?

Yes, we carry two million dollars of insurance, are bonded and provide workman’s compensation insurance for our employees.  We carry a current business license for the areas we clean in.

  1.  What other services does Shining Enterprises, Inc. offer?
  • We coordinate with other businesses and can take care of:
  • Stripping, sealing and waxing floors
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Small office repairs
  • Carpet stretching and repair